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Divorce and the Church

The Bible emphatically states that divorce is only possible where there  is infedility. What if my husband is faithful but he hits me or beats me up whenever he is upset or angry. Bible has not stated how to deal with a husband who (repeatedly) beats his wife. Should I divorce him or live with him till (God forbid) he kills me oneday? HELP!


0 # George 2011-02-19 15:31
Well, in situations like this, you need to quit using your heart and use your head. what is your mind telling you about all these horrific incidence in your matrimonial home. It's really insane to see things like this happen in marriages. You can have your minister or some elders in his or your family talk to him about his actions. If the situation still persist, then you sort the last approach which is separation or divorce because it will not get any better. Maybe separation will do for a time been but if nothing good is coming out of it you advice your self. But in all these seek the Lord for counseling. That will do............GQ.
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