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We are the backbone of the church of Christ;

We are his soldiers in the fight for life;

Come let us follow on where he doth lead;

Fellow, follow Jesus Lads and lasses of M.Y.F

Loud let victory songs resound

We are the backbone of the church of Christ Fellow, follow Jesus.

We’ll light the flaring torch to the path;

And help the cripple ones to find the way;

Then all the inly blind will see the road.

See the road to Jesus.

Every foe will bow to our Lord;

While we Worship, Witness,Work

We are the backbone of the church of Christ Follow, follow Jesus.


  • Membership is open to all young people in the Methodist Church Ghana between the ages of 15 and 35 years.
  • New members do serve a maximum of 3 months probation period during which a conscientious effort is made by the Fellowship (branch) to teach the person to accept Jesus as his /her personal Savior, grow in maturity and be given orientation on the aims and objectives and practices of the fellowship.
  • Members are enrolled at a Service of dedication to be conducted by either the Local, Circuit, or Diocesan Officer(s)
  • All members should be full members of the Methodist Church Ghana or admitted to be full members within one year.
  • Brethren from other Christian Churches may be admitted as Associate members but would not hold an officer’s position.



Our Slogan: “WE! - ONE!” This indicates our oneness in Jesus Christ our Lord “that they may be one”.



The Members of the MYF have no prescribed uniform for ordinary meetings but for formal functions especially Church parades, Brothers wear White Long-Sleeved Shirt, Blue-Black Pair of Trousers, a Blue-Black Flying Tie and a Pair of Black Shoes.Sisters of the Fellowship adorn themselves in white ‘Kaba’, blue-black long slits, white head kerchief and a white set of earrings and necklace.

Members of the Fellowship are obliged to wear the Fellowship badge at all formal functions.



Rev. Charles D. Kittoe designed the Badge of the MYF upon an order by the British Methodist Conference.  The Rev. Kittoe also recommended the motto of the Fellowship, which is a summary of the Fellowship’s Aims and Objectives.  The Fellowship adopted it.  The Badge has the following message:

Round Shape:

  • This signifies the World and the Supreme mission of God and all Christian Youth.

The Blue Colour:

  • This is the colour of the Methodist Church and signifies the bright sky.

The Yellow Colour:

  • This stands for the rich and endowed land of Ghana, and also the heavenly treasure we are all craving for.

The Shell:

  • This signifies God the Father protecting all of us as the oyster is protected by its shell.

The Line under the Shell:

  • This is a Chain of brotherhood that links all members of the Fellowship all over the World.

The Badge is the embodiment of what the Fellowship is and stands for.  
This is why members must cherish it and wear it.

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