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Aims and Objectives:

  • To bring every young person in the Church to a full realization as an avowed disciple of Christ called to active ministry of the Church
  • To provide a means of fellowship within the Methodist Church- Canada/Ghana suited to the needs of young people.
  • To help young people come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as their savior and providing opportunities to study, discuss and pray about their growing faith in Him.
  • To deepen members understanding of the Christian faith and its application to personal, social and economic life.
  • To encourage members to render practical services for and on behalf of the Methodist Church- Ghana.
  • To help every young person to attain fullness of life in body, mind and spirit
  • To help young people to appreciate the unity of the Church in its diversity and to promote the sense of belonging to a Christian World.
  • To train young people in physical and spiritual fitness not only to be good citizens but also to take up leadership positions in the Church and Society
  • To be the true back-bone of the church.
  • To win souls for Christ consistently
  • To minister through songs and evangelism

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