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Film-Maker's Faith Inspires Hope of Glory

When God calls us to a vocation, like in all things, He does not just promise prosperity. He promises us trouble – the kind of trouble that keeps us clinging to Him. Need sustains faith, and He knows this fully well.

So does filmmaker Dylan Jenkinson. The founder of Vancouver-based Hope of Glory Pictures recently took in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), while promoting a feature length production he has in development.

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The Love of God

The love of  God is the most wonderful, awesome, heart-warming, life-enriching truth that can ever engage human minds. Let us think it through from first principles, according to the teaching of the Bible.

What is love? Essentially, it is action – not words, not feelings (though both may enter into it), but purposeful, generous, creative action that seeks the good of a person or persons other than oneself.


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The Complex Art of Apology Properly

Much has been made in recent times about recognizing disenfranchised groups, and apologizing for the traditions and processes that led to their condition. However, less has been written about how such apologies and recognition can be achieved.

I thought it would be useful to look at the anatomy of an apology – beginning with the person who taught me to ‘apologize properly’: my dear, departed wife.

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